INVENTORY FINANCE - Mega Group Solutions
We are a Canadian company offering business solutions to buying groups and their independent members


Our inventory financing solutions provide businesses with an alternative to traditional institutional inventory lending. At GROUP SOLUTIONS, we understand the challenges of seasonality and variations in cash flow. That is why our programs are designed with flexibility in mind for buying groups and  their members, distributors, and manufacturers.

Inventory financing services

For buying groups

Programs are created to match the turn of the inventory with the repayment terms.

Helping groups manage the seasonality of their inventory purchases.

An online system that simplifies managing and paying for inventory.

We offer flexible repayment options.

Early payment discount option when applicable.

An Account Manager dedicated to your group.

For distributors & manufacturers

We offer a consolidated repayment structure that may improve your corporate cash flow.

Reducing your Days Sales Outstanding or DSO, for fast invoicing and fast payment.

Express terms which allows manufacturers and distributors to sell additional inventory during slower periods.

Inventory financing eliminates credit risk to the manufacturers and distributors.

An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) capability.

No outsourcing of our services translates to complete operational effectiveness which benefits our customers.